Wednesday, December 28, 2016


This shows how fire sprinklers work and just how sensitive and fast they operate when heated up.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Reasons To Consider A Fire Alarm Installation In A Garage

Some people don't really think about what they are doing when they go about creating plans for emergency preparedness. This is an unfortunate mistake that I made myself when I created a plan for a fire alarm installation in my home. I spent so much time thinking about the likely places for a fire that I forgot to think about the more unlikely places for a fire.

Unfortunately I got a wake-up call a couple of weeks ago when my garage caught fire. I had been doing some work on my car and some fluids that I left out caught fire due to the intense heat of the summer.

If I had just put more thinking into my fire alarm installation plan I would have thought to install a fire alarm in the garage. My thinking at the time was that I would most likely have a fire take place in the kitchen or in the computer room. I never in a million years thought that my garage would catch fire.

Luckily I didn't lose everything and I was able to put the fire out with a fire extinguisher without the help of the fire department. This was only possible because I happened to be near the garage at the time the fire started. Had I been in another part of the house or not home at all I probably would have lost everything.

Since this incident occurred I decided that it would be a good idea to go online and learn more about professional fire alarm installation. I came across a site that offers fire alarm installation from a number of reputable home security system providers.

The added benefit of using such a service is not only that you get expert advice on how to secure your home but the company that does the fire alarm installation will also monitor your home 24/7 via fire detectors so that they can alert you and the fire department immediately in case of emergency.

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Tree Fires Can Turn Devastating And Deadly Within Seconds

A live Christmas tree burn conducted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) shows just how quickly a dried out Christmas tree fire burns, with flashover occurring in less than one minute, as compared to a well-watered tree, which burns at a much slower rate.

Learn how to keep you and your family safe during the holiday season -

Monday, December 19, 2016

Robust In All Conditions.Harmony, Obviously!

Ensure operators safety even in extreme conditions, is it possible?
The solution without compromise is here .

Friday, December 16, 2016

Square D Whole Home Electronics Protective Device (HEPD50)

The Square D Whole Home Electronics Protective Device (HEPD50) is a compact and affordable surge suppressor designed for installation in residential load centers from any load center manufacturer.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Identifying Possible Fire Hazards

The laws are getting stiffer in regards to holding business owners responsible for personal safety of all who go to that location. One of the areas where they are cracking down has to do with possible fire hazards. Statically, most fires can be prevented if the right precautions and efforts were in motion. A fire risk assessment can help you to identify where your business falls.

If you are doing everything right, you can feel great knowing you are reducing potential risks to your employees, customers, and the building. The more efficiently you operate, the less likely it is that you will need fire and rescue services. If they are sent to put out a fire at your business, they are also going to conduct an investigation.


If you are found to be at fault due to various factors in the facility, you may have to pay a huge fine. You may be facing criminal charges as well as putting the future of your business on the line. Your insurance company may not pay for the damages either. All of this can become a nightmare. However, it can be avoided if you take part I a fire risk assessment.

Based on the results, you can take action to reduce your risk of a fire occurring. When you have done everything within reason to lower that risk, you aren't going to be held responsible. You won't have to worry about being charged with negligence in the event there is ever a fire.


One of the common problems discovered with a fire risk assessment is the exists aren't clearly marked. There may not be an evacuation plan in place. There needs to be more than one exit and there needs to be a backup plan. Ideally, your employees should practice this evacuation at regular intervals. Exits can't be blocked and they need to remain unlocked from the inside.

Smoke Detectors

Make sure your business is in compliance with the locations of smoke detectors. They can be an early warning when there is a fire. This can help aid with getting everyone out of the area unharmed. It can also provide time to put out the problem with the help of fire extinguishers rather than dealing with a full blown fire scenario.

Fire Extinguishers

You need to test your fire extinguishers regularly too. They don't do you any good just sitting there. When someone accesses the device and pulls the pin, the expect it is going to spray out the foam. That can't happen if there is a leak or there is another problem with the fire extinguisher. Part of your fire risk assessment should include placement and testing.


A professional company can come in and do the fire risk assessment for you. Bringing a new set of eyes to evaluate the situation works best. They are going to see things you overlook because they are trained to know what to look for. They can give you a detailed list of any potential hazards they identify.

Yet that is just the start of what they offer. They can also go through that list with you and create a plan of action. Once you have implemented the changes, they can come back in. They can go through the entire fire risk assessment again for you. It is going to feel great when they give you a 100% on that updated report!

Such an inspection should be done on an annual basis. This will help to keep the certification current. Make sure you have all of the documents signed. They can help you to save money on insurance premiums, offer peace of mind, and help you to promote the safest environment possible for your day to day business operations.

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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Wiremold: Outdoor Ground Box Independent Cover Load Test

The Wiremold Independent Cover Load test demonstrates the strength of the egress door and cover by applying up to 300 lbs. of weight and holding for 1 minute, resulting in no permanent deformation or breaks.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Tips To Stay Safe In Public Buildings

NFPA president, Jim Pauley, provides some simple tips for you to use before entering a building to stay safe. While some of the tips can be seen as common sense we still need to practice them and not become complacent.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

How Do Smoke Detectors Work

At their core, smoke alarms are very simple devices that need only two functions: a way of detecting smoke and a way of alerting people to the problem. From new technology involving lasers to old world technology that relies on a lonely individual sitting in a tower on the side of a mountain just waiting to see smoke, all do the same thing in different ways. The two most commonly used smoke alarms (mainly because they are inexpensive) are photoelectric and ionization detector alarms.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

How It's Made- Fire Extinguishers

How can fire extinguishers contain such powerful chemicals and propellants without being dangerous? Find out how they are made and what makes them work.