Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Nurse Call Integration

A Nurse Call System allows patients in health care settings to alert a nurse or other health care staff members when they are in need of assistance. A signal alerts staff at the nurse's station, and usually, a nurse or nurse assistant responds to such a call. Most systems simply beep or buzz at the station or flash an alert on a computer screen. This requires a staffer to constantly monitor the system at the nurse's station or actually visit the patient's room to determine the patient's needs.

Nurse Call Integration is an application that connects Nurse Call Systems to mobile communication systems and other communication platforms. This is done through a real-time communication system often called nurse call integration middleware. Middleware is powerful technology that provides the messaging backbone for critical alarm and event management in thousands of hospitals today. Nurse Call integration enables the Nurse Call System to send its many alerts, in a message format, to mobile and other communication devices.,br.

There are currently many different types of communication devices in use at hospitals today. These devices include pagers, DECT phones, Wi-Fi enabled phones, email enabled devices, Smart phones, LED display signs, Cell phones and traditional desk top phones. Each of these devices provides varying levels of messaging capability. Most will display a text message which typically includes the location or room number and the time the alarm was initiated, as well as the type of alarm generated. Some systems allow hospital staff to communicate directly to the patient, while more sophisticated devices allow the staff members to acknowledge, decline, escalate or forward the messages.

Nearly all nurse call integration middleware applications allow for multiple connections to disparate alarm and communication systems. In addition to nurse call systems, it provides a common platform for linking your mobile staff with point-of-care alerts from patient monitoring, pulse oximetry, ventilators, infant abduction, lab systems, as well as safety systems for fire, security, building management, and others. Not only does it streamline communication, but it simplifies the IT hassles involved with managing many disparate systems. These systems also provide comprehensive reporting of all events, including time/date stamps, recipients, and their responses.

There are many reasons for hospitals to implement Nurse Call Integration systems. They allow hospital staff to be mobile and more efficient by reducing unnecessary trips to the nursing station or the patient's room. Direct communications between patients and nurses reduces the response times to patient requests helping to increase overall patient and staff satisfaction. All of these things combined can lead to improved patient safety and can even mean the difference between life and death.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Benefits Of The Standard StruxureOn Offer For Cloud-Based Data Center Monitoring

At the recent DatacenterDynamics ZettaStructure in London, Henrik Leerberg, Director of Offer Management at Schneider Electric, talks about the benefits of Schneider Electric's free Standard StruxureOn offer. Among its many benefits, it includes real-time equipment and environmental monitoring as well as alarm management. for cloud-based data center monitoring. #InnovationAtEveryLevel

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

UPS Failure Is Not An Option

Learn how to manage and monitor your UPS LifeCycle to protect the critical data and applications your UPS is meant to protect!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Home Alarm Systems Are Kid Friendly

Home alarm systems are kid friendly; they have come a long way with today's technology. They are easy to understand and easy to arm or disarm. The security system is able to protect both the residence and the family from break-ins; smoke or fire and they can make a child home alone feel safe. More than making them feel safe as long as the system is armed they are safe, since there are trained professionals monitoring the security system for any alerts.

The child or teenager that comes home before their parents can disarm the alarm system with the use of a key chain pad, which means no false alarms because the child did not make it to the wall pad in time. This can make them feel confident about using the home security system, which means they will arm the system when leaving home or coming in the house alone. That means parents don't have the fear of them being in an unsafe house until they arrive home, which a stranger might be able to enter.

Home security systems give parents piece of mind, knowing when they cannot be at home before the kids they are protected from strangers, break-ins, smoke and fire. This is important when children are old enough to be home alone and do not want a babysitter, but parent's work schedules don't permit being home when the child gets home.

Security systems have outward signs that the residence is protected, because there are decals for the windows and doors, plus a sign for the yard. Criminals look for these signs at a house, apartment or condo, before choosing it to break into. They know the risk of attempting to rob this type of residence, because the monitoring center will receive a signal that the alarm has gone off and alert the authorities. What that means to a criminal is that they only have minutes to leave the area or be caught, which makes them pass by the residence that has an alarm system. It just is not worth the risk of being caught for burglary of a home and when there are children at home it means they are much safer. Criminal elements checkout a house or apartment before breaking in, this is because they want to know that the residence is empty in most cases. They do not want to risk anyone being at home, so they watch for signs for it to be empty, but when it is protected by an alarm system they are not that brave.

Every parent wants to protect their children and the way to ensure they are as safe as possible at home is to protect the home with a security system, with monitoring. The alarm will be triggered twenty-four hours a day if anyone tries to break-in or if there is smoke and fire. Kids are safe when home alone or when the entire family is sleeping and there is an event, while the family gets to a safe place, the monitoring center is alerting the authorities.

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Tips In Choosing Your Residential Or Commercial Electrician

There are a sheer number of projects that you can do inside your properties. But works that involve the electrical system is best left to an expert so as not to compromise the safety and well-being of your loved ones and your property. When electrical issues are present in residential, commercial or industrial buildings, you need to call in a professional and licensed electrician.

Choosing a reliable electrician is important. To help you in your search, here are some questions you can ask your prospective power expert:

What appropriate licenses do you have? This is the first thing you should ask because electrical work is a high-risk job. You would not want electrical jobs in your property to cause accidents or even fatalities. Appropriate licenses will prove a true professional electrician. While this varies from one state to another, you would know if your chosen electrician is qualified to do the work or not. Additionally, you would know if you need to get a permit before the electrical job commences.

Do you have insurance to cover the job? Due to the nature of electrical works, accident may happen as a result of his work. Know that insurance will not only ensure your electrician's safety but also take responsibility for whatever damage the job may cause to your property. Safety should be the primary concern here.

What other electrical works have you done in the past? In most cases, the variety of electrical works that your chosen professional has done will suffice. For the technical works that you require, opt for a professional who has extensive experience.

Who will work with you? When you are hiring from a firm, they usually have a roster of electricians. It is a good idea to ask who will work inside your home or office. The one you are talking to when you inquire may not be the person who will do job. So talk to the actual electrician who will perform the electrical works before hiring the firm.

Can you provide some references? Note that quality of a company's work and professionalism can be seen through the references they will provide. Those who have been in the business for a long time will readily show you their extensive list of past and current clients.

The process of choosing an electrician should not be rushed. This needs careful research and vetting in order to guarantee both safety and quality work. Before making a final choice, ask the questions above

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Friday, January 6, 2017

Barnaby @ Home: Testing Amperage

With the tenants moving in to the house in two days, Barnaby and his crew work on testing the amperage of a microwave.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

How To Test Your Smoke Detector

Testing a smoke detector involves climbing up a secured stepladder, hitting the test button on the device and holding it down until it sounds the alarm. Discover ways to wire a smoke alarm to all other smoke warning devices in a home with tips from a home repair specialist and remodeling contractor in this free video on home improvement.